Fundraising Team

The current fundraising team of Dan, Hayley and Jon was formed mid-way through 2017 and covers the full spectrum of fundraising streams. The team aims to grow current streams of income and to develop new events, fundraising campaigns and opportunities to draw in new supporters. As committed and professional fundraisers they work to raise the profile of the charity, increase our visibility – particularly in the areas local to our service provision – and lay the foundations for continued growth and success.

As a small but ambitious team, they work creatively with other staff, volunteers, service users, local community groups, businesses in the North East and media outlets to create and maximise opportunities in line with the charity’s core strategic aims. The team are also investing time and effort to grow digitally and project the brand of MSRRF nationally through the targeted use of social media and digital advertising. Caring, intuitive and fun, the team are always keen to hear from anyone interested in raising funds or awareness of the charity, so if you have any great ideas or would like to discuss one of our current activities, please do get in touch, they’d love to hear from you.


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