Trusts and Foundations

MS Research and Relief Fund receives no statutory or NHS funding and so relies on the generosity of legacies, donors and fundraisers to support its completely free-of-charge services for people affected by MS.

Support from charitable trusts, foundations and major gifts/grants plays a vital role in helping us to provide this support.

Big gifts make a huge difference

Donations we receive from major donors, charitable trusts and foundations are absolutely essential; they not only support us now, but also allow us to plan ahead and invest in new projects to help and expand our support to people affected by MS.

If you have a connection to a trust, foundation or grant making body we’d love to hear from you. We have a wide range of services and activities which need support, ranging from the very local to regional and national.


Recent awards

Thank you to Cllr John Ace Beynon - Serving Stobhill, for the generous contribution towards our new computer equipment, it will be put to good use marketing and publicising our great work!

The Kenneth Barge Memorial Trust kindly donated £1,000.

MSRRF have been lucky to receive a number of Government grants during the Covid-19 pandemic, through Northumberland County Council.

In October 2020, a donation was received from Waitrose through their Community Matters scheme.

What we can offer trusts and foundations

We are happy to discuss funding options and will ensure your gift is spent carefully, effectively and according to your wishes.

We will keep in touch with you and provide regular feedback on the difference your support is making. We also welcome our donors to visit us and see the fantastic work their donation is funding first-hand.

By supporting MSRRF, you are investing in people with MS, for many future generations to come. If you would like to find out more about our work and the difference your support could make, please contact us.