South Side House

In July 2017, MSRRF purchased South Side House, with the intention of developing a Physiotherapy Centre for people with MS in the north east of England.

South Side House was a residential property, as such planning permission was obtained on 22nd June 2018 to change the use of the property to a D1 non-residential institution.


A physiotherapist can work with people with MS providing tailored exercise and physical activity advice with the aim of helping improve movement and other functions of the body.


Your support and donations mean the world to us and the people affected by MS that we support. Find out how to donate here.



You will not be surprised to learn that MSRRF have been affected along with virtually everyone else, by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is now quite a while since we bought South Side House to convert into a Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centre, and whilst we were committed to meeting the very substantial cost of the project, the economic uncertainties both currently and for the foreseeable future, have forced us to re-evaluate our spending plans. As responsible and diligent trustees, we have always vigorously protected the long term future of MSRRF when approving budgets and spending plans.

The upgrading of South Side House has already required substantial investment and we are pleased to be able to let you know that we are going ahead with the development of the Physiotherapy Centre.

Sadly, at this present time, however, we feel that the very high cost of buying, fitting and operating a hydrotherapy pool is too risky a venture, and instead, we are looking at the feasibility of installing a new and exciting piece of equipment which simulates the benefits of a hydrotherapy pool, is much more accessible and may not require the use of water.

We know that substantial funds have been raised for the pool project and we can assure everybody who has helped that every penny raised will be used to benefit people affected by MS, hopefully the future provision of a pool being part of our services.

As South Side House is currently a residential property it will require slight modifications to meet the requirements of the Charity. The remodelling will include, but not be limited to:

  • additional car parking;
  • new DDA compliant entrance door from the car park;
  • level access throughout all of the ground floor;
  • internal modifications to accommodate physiotherapy, waiting area, reception and DDA compliant toilet facilities, all to the ground floor; and
  • remove conservatory and replace with an orangery, to accommodate new state-of-the-art equipment.

The Trustees have appointed the contractors and the necessary work has started, the slideshow below will be used to show how the building is being modified, this will be updated throughout the redevelopment.

New equipment!!!!

MSRRF are reviewing a few different pieces of equipment which utilised the latest technology and have been shown to benefit people with MS.


MSRRF have been supported by many people and organisations in order to provide this new and exciting service to people with MS in the North East of England, as such we would like to say special thanks to:

  • Everyone who has supported our hydrotherapy appeal since 2013, which enabled the start of this project.