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MS Research and Relief Fund welcomes new people affected by Multiple Sclerosis to enjoy and benefit from the free-of-charge services we offer, both at our primary centre of Benmar House in Morpeth, Northumberland, and our Outreach Provisions across the North East.

It's not just people who have been diagnosed with MS that we support - people who are the primary carer to a person with MS are also entitled to benefit from our therapies and exercises, as well as sessions provided specifically for carers, such as our Mindfulness courses.

Whether you're a person with MS or a carer, you'll need to have your GP complete a referral form in order for you to be able to benefit from our services, which can either be downloaded from this page or can be sent to you via post if you request them from us. Please make sure that you download/request the correct form. There are separate forms for People with MS and for Carers, filling in the wrong form will result in the processing of your application being delayed.


Scroll down to download the GP Referral form for either a Person with MS (PwMS) or a Primary Carer of a PwMS - make sure you use the correct form.


Get the form applicable to you signed by your GP. It is important that this is done by a registered GP, otherwise your application will be delayed.


Once your form is signed, contact us to arrange a tour and book a consultation with a member of staff - either at Benmar House or an Outreach provision.


After you attend your consultation session, you will be able to take advantage of the free services we provide at Benmar House and our Outreach provisions.

Register for Services

If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or are the primary carer of a person with Multiple Sclerosis, you can register with us to benefit from the services we provide.

We have an easy, four-step process:

  1. Contact us to request a GP Referral Form via post or download and print the forms here:
    Referral for Person with MS (PwMS) / Referral for Primary Carer of PwMS.

  2. Get your GP to sign the form and return it to us via post. This form MUST be signed by your GP. If there are any issues with this stage please get in touch.

  3. Contact us via telephone or email regarding your application to confirm your details and book a consultation and tour of the facility with a member of staff.

  4. Attend your tour and consultation, either at Benmar House or at an agreed upon Outreach provision.

After this you will be free to book appointments/classes at Benmar House and our Outreach provisions. Information on what is available at each centre is available here:

Benmar House / Outreach Services