MSRRF Classes at Benmar House

MS Research and Relief Fund currently provide 16 classes per week at Benmar House, by appointment only through MSRRF’s Receptionist.

MSRRF’s classes are group session for up to 8 people with qualified Instructors who have undertaken MS awareness training.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is a form of gentle exercise combining deep breathing and slow, graceful movement, along with relaxation techniques it focuses very much on good technique and an awareness of energies. It does not require great strength or flexibility and can be done in a seated position. Tai chi can help with various MS symptoms like balance problems, stress, pain and lack of concentration. (Easy, seated, suitable for all)

Boot Camp:

Boot Camp is a class of various stations where a particular exercise will take place for a set amount of time, for example: 30 seconds of squats followed by moving onto another station and performing 30 seconds of bicep curls with hand weights. A good level of mobility and balance is needed with a moderate to high level of fitness. The exercises can be modified when necessary to cater for the various MS symptoms which may hinder some exercises.   (Moderate to difficult, standing, lying on a mat, using exercise equipment, energetic)

Body Balance:

This is a gently yet energising class focusing on balance, posture, breathing and stretching. It comprises of some seated stretches and mobilisation exercises, followed by standing stretches and balance exercises using a hand rail. A slow paced, focused and adaptable class for anyone who can weight bare. This class was designed with MS in mind, targeting many MS symptoms. (Easy to moderate, some seated with standing using hand rails)


Pilates has been used for many years as an exercise regime focused on back pain and spinal issues, it has been adapted many times and there are many versions used today. MSRRF have adapted their Pilates to suit people with MS and their particular concerns. This class is slow paced, focused and can be challenging, it is adaptable, however much of it is mat based so a degree of mobility is required to attend this class. (Moderate, challenging, seated, lying on a mat, some standing)

Indoor Cycling:

Cycling is a good form of exercise for all abilities, what makes this class particularly accessible is the different bikes on offer. There are two spin bikes which can be used by anyone with a moderate level of balance, mobility and flexibility. There is also a standard upright bike for people who like an upright position when cycling. For anyone with balance problems there is a recumbent bike which is a very comfortable bike to use and requires minimal balance. One MotoMed bike is available for people who need a little extra support, or who use a wheelchair and would like to cycle from their chair.  (Can be adapted to all abilities, can be easy, moderate or difficult)

Seated Yoga:

Seated Yoga is a mixture of gentle exercise, yoga based stretches and the principals of yoga but in a seated position. There is an emphasis on breathing and slow movement, with a focus on posture and pelvic floor exercises. The perfect class for all abilities. (Easy, seated, suitable for all )

Trigger Point Pilates:

Based on core strength which is often a problem for people with MS, this class requires a good level of mobility and flexibility. It is mat based using a foam tube which is used to lie on, encouraging balance and core activation. Pilate’s exercises are then added to further the challenge and target deep postural muscles which are often difficult to isolate. An enjoyable, slow paced class for anyone who wants to work on posture and core strength.
(Moderate, challenging, seated, lying on a mat, some standing)

Seated Exercise Class:

This is a very popular class based on strength and stamina. It is seated in a group setting, with the use of hand weights and resistance bands. It is suitable for most abilities, and all the exercises can be adapted. Strength training is very important for health especially as we get older and can help with daily activities and day to day tasks. (Easy, seated, suitable for all)

Relaxation Class:

Relaxation is something that some people find very difficult to experience. Often we get through the day without realising how stressed we are. Stress plays a huge factor in a lot of medical conditions, sleep problems and mental health issues. This class is a mix of guided relaxation, awareness of breathing and mindfulness. It is deeply relaxing and accessible to all.. (Easy, seated, suitable for all)

Stress management:

Stress management classes are available on Saturdays for people who work during the week. A very popular class which focuses on the causes of stress, how to recognise stressful situations and triggers, and how to manage them. The instructor will demonstrate coping techniques, along with relaxation in an interactive, friendly and non-judgemental group setting.  (Easy, seated, suitable for all)