What is meditation?

It is believed that meditation has been practiced for centuries in many religions and beliefs. It is a practice where a person uses techniques such as focusing the mind on a particular activity, thought or object to achieve a calm state of mental clarity.

Meditation is scientifically proven to have many health benefits. Over the last decade an increased interest in Meditation and scientific research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can help with pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, and many of today’s stresses and strains. Some describe it as rewiring the brain.

The great thing about meditation is that anyone can practice it and it is a natural and safe way to help heal yourself. Meditation is particularly beneficial to people with MS because there are clinically recognized links between stress and MS progression, both in terms of relapses and degeneration, with meditation able to help reduce stress.

There are many types of meditation, the key to success is to find the one that bests suits you.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the most popular technique in the West today and has become very popular in recent years. Its origins are from Buddhist teachings.

The technique with mindfulness is to pay attention to your thoughts no matter what they are, you don’t judge them or become absorbed in them, you only take note of any patterns, accept them and move forward. This takes concentration, awareness and practice. It helpful to focus on an object, sound or your own breath while you recognise any feelings, thoughts or emotions.

Meditation through Movement

Meditation through movement is good for people can switch off easier when they are doing something physical rather than sitting still, and can easily let their mind wander whilst shopping or housework, walking or gardening. People who daydream are more than likely meditating without knowing it.

Yoga, Tai Chi and qigong, are popular forms of movement meditation, in fact any activity where the movement takes over whilst consciousness rests can be described as movement meditation.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is used in Hinduism and Daoism, and also the Christian faith. It’s a little like praying in that you focus on the silence around you and seek a deeper connection with your God or the Universe.