Legacies form a large part of our income (over 60%) and help us carry out our work supporting people affected by MS and their primary carers. MSRRF improves the quality of life and fitness of people affected by MS, offering FREE Physiotherapy, Complementary Therapies, Exercise and Sports Therapy. Nationally, we provide grant funding for aids, adaptations and respite.

We receive no statutory funding, so rely entirely on legacies, fundraising, grant funding and donations.

A legacy really can be a “Gift for Life.” Every gift that is left to us, no matter what size, makes a big difference to the lives of people with MS.

Making a Will

For the peace of mind that your wishes will be followed after your death, and to ensure your loved ones don’t have additional financial and legal problems at a time that is already distressing, you may wish to make a Will.

We know that family and friends always come first. However, once you have provided for your loved ones, you may be happy to consider leaving a legacy to MSRRF.

Consulting with a solicitor when preparing your Will, or making amendments, may make the process easier as they can guide you through the process and help make your wishes clear.

A solicitor won't pry into all your personal affairs. They will only need to know what your assets are relating to cash, savings, property, personal possessions etc. Then, of course, they will also need to know who will benefit from your Will and how you would like them to benefit.

How you can leave MSRRF a gift in your Will

Making or amending your Will to include a gift to MSRRF is easier than you think with the help of a solicitor, and needn’t cost a lot of money.

Typically, the types of legacy gift you might consider are:

Residuary Gift

With this gift you leave a percentage share of your estate, once your family, friends and debts have been taken care of.

Pecuniary Gift

This is simply a sum of money, large or small, that you wish to leave. If you decide to leave this gift, it is worth reviewing from time to time as inflation can reduce its value over time.

Specific Gift

You can choose to leave a specific gift of property, land, shares, jewellery or other valuables, such as antiques.


Through a generous legacy donation, MSRRF have been able to purchase a new property and are currently converting this into a new physiotherapy centre.

Located in Ashington, Northumberland this new facility provides good links to the North East and we will be able to offer FREE physiotherapy sessions to people with MS and their primary carers six days per week.

More information regarding our new and exiting development can be found here

Changing your existing Will

To simply change your Will, you can complete a codicil form and store it with your Will. A codicil form is read alongside your Will and allows you to make change to it at any time, a copy of our codicil form can be downloaded here or consult with your solicitor.

Our Legacy promise to you

  • We understand that family and friends always come first.
  • Your Will is personal and we will never ask you to tell us your decision (although we’d love to have the opportunity to say thank you and keep you updated with our work).
  • We will keep any information you share with us confidential and won’t pass it on to other organisations.
  • We value all the gifts that are left to us. Nothing is too big or too small, your gift will help us support people affected by MS.
  • If you choose to remember MSRRF in your Will, we will use your gift carefully so it achieves the greatest impact to people with MS.
  • You can change your mind at any time.