Indoor Cycling Classes at Benmar House

In October 2018, MS Research and Relief fund introduced its first Indoor Cycling class at Benmar House. The Charity gained funding from Northumberland County Council for three new bikes and audio visual equipment to help recreate the success of the virtual Coast to Coast which was held in 2017 and ran alongside the first Coast to Coast Challenge which raised over £13,000.

To cater for all abilities within the class, the Charity used the funding to purchase two spin bikes and a recumbent bike, these in addition to an existing upright bike and a MotoMed bike, allows all Service Users to access the class.  Service Users had requested an inclusive class so that people with MS and their carers could cycling together, as this has not previously been possible.

During the thirty minute class, the qualified instructor, gives optional pointers to vary the gears from light, medium and heavy, simulating climbing a hill followed by a sprint. There is also a virtual cycling route which is screened, showing various landscapes from around the world, giving the feeling of cycling outdoors along roads and tracks with varied scenery.

The music used is linked to the momentum of the class, making it a fun, energetic and encouraging class for all abilities, with lots of motivation from staff.

Benefits of cycling:

Cycling is a good form of non-impact exercise for all ages and abilities. It allows a person to work at their own pace and level alongside others of different fitness levels, and is a cardiovascular form of exercise which works the heart and lungs whilst strengthening the legs and deep core muscles.

People with MS benefit from cycling because it can maintain mobility and mobilisation in the legs, helping with blood flow, circulation and the release of endorphins. It is a good all round exercise for weight loss and general fitness, with very little risk of injury.