Please note that due to Government restrictions from the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak, it may take MSRRF longer to consider grant applications.

MS Research and Relief Fund offers grants to people affected by MS for aids, adaptations and services.

We offer grants throughout the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Islands. The full scope of the distribution of our financial assistance can be seen on our Grants Maps here.

Information on how to apply for grants for yourself, or on behalf of someone with MS, can be found on this page, along with details of the application process and the necessary form including our guidelines.


An application form can be downloaded from the sidebar below. Please read the Application Guidelines thoroughly as incomplete or incorrect applications will delay the process.


Download and complete the Grant Application form, making sure to complete the form fully and include quotes and supporting information as stipulated on the Grant Application Form.


Return your form and all required supporting information, either via post to Benmar House or via email to

MS Research and Relief Fund’s operations aren’t solely based in the North East. We offer grants for aids, adaptations and services to people affected by MS throughout the United Kingdom. In the last few years alone, our funding has gone to people in Penzance, John O’Groats and hundreds of towns, cities and villages in between. The form including our Application Guidelines can be found in the sidebar.

Grants awards can be used to part-fund aids and adaptations or respite, which may help to relieve the symptoms of MS or improve the quality of life for people affected by MS. Because of the diversity of MS, grants may be equally diverse according to the needs of the individual. Read our Grant Application Guidelines for further details.

We can consider grants towards the cost of practical items such as adapted cars, wheelchairs, home adaptations, powered scooters, stair lifts etc. In addition, we will also consider requests for services which may make a significant improvement to the quality of life for someone with MS, e.g. respite care.

MSRRF is a small charity who offer grants to top-up other grant awards from likeminded Charities or local government funding, as such awards may not cover the full cost requested.

Applications can be submitted by individuals with MS, partners, carers, family members or advocates living in the UK.

MS Research and Relief Fund will NOT make any award for:

  • Retrospective funding, i.e. goods/services already purchased, ordered or where a deposit has been paid
  • Rent arrears / damages deposit, mortgage arrears, council tax, hire purchase payments/arrears or utility bills
  • Bankruptcy fees or bond payments
  • Complementary therapies / gym fees
  • Furniture, unless it is specialist furniture accompanied by health professional recommendation
  • Transport costs of any kind
  • Driving lessons
  • IT equipment and home entertainment systems
  • Boilers
  • Holidays
  • Funeral costs
  • Ongoing costs of any kind, i.e. memberships, course fees etc.

In exceptional circumstances, we may use our discretion to make individual awards outside the scope of our normal grant activity.