Fundraising Success Stories

Thanks to so many individuals that have put time and effort into raising money for MSRRF! This is vital money that has helped thousands of people with MS.

If you are one of our fantastic fundraisers and would like to feature on our success stories page, then please email us at

From free fall parachuting 10,000 feet, to holding delicious bake sales, our fundraisers have done it all, and their determination, creativity and hard work never fails to amaze. Check out what some of our amazing fundraisers have been up to below.

In aid of Fundraising

In aid of fundraising is when a fundraiser is simply raising funds for the charity but acting in his or her own capacity.

All money we receive from fundraising are absolutely essential; they not only support us now, but also allow us to plan ahead.

From climbing a mountain to baking biscuits, there are lots of ways you can help MSRRF.


Recent fundraising events

Sarah Atkinson aka Cruella

Sarah be taking part in this years Great North Run dressed as Disney villain Cruella and her friends and family will be dressed as her Dalmatians.

As part of Sarah and her teams fundraising effort, Sarah held a coffee afternoon at her home, some photos of the event are shown below and the coffee afternoon raised a huge amount of money towards her fundraising target!!


What we can offer fundraisers

We will support you with things you might need to get going with your fundraising - such as sponsor forms, collecting tins and advice, please contact us prior to your event to see how we may be able to help.