Legacy Giving

Do you, or have you known someone whose life has been affected by Multiple Sclerosis? This is the most common, chronic neurological condition that, although not terminal, stays with people for the remainder of their lives. Although there are currently estimated to be over 130,000 people diagnosed with MS, the illness also changes the lives of their partners, families and friends.

Leaving a legacy to MS Research and Relief Fund will enable us to continue to provide direct financial support to improve the quality of life of individuals and their families; to continue to research into the causes and relief of MS symptoms; and to facilitate a range of therapies.

Would You Consider Making A Bequest?

Multiple Sclerosis is not a terminal condition and those people affected by it often need support for their entire lifespan. YOUR legacy really can be a “Gift For Life.” Please consider a bequest to MS Research and Relief Fund. A bequest, however small, is a simple and valuable way of supporting people affected by MS. Your solicitor can advise you on how to include a legacy to MS Research and Relief Fund in your Will. If you don’t have a solicitor contact us on 01670 505829 and we’ll be glad to advise you.

Making A Will

People often don’t consider making a Will because they feel they have nothing of real value, but most people would be surprised at the amount which their ‘estate’ can realise. Your estate includes not only property and money in banks, it also includes all your personal possessions. Making a Will allows you to leave those special items to the persons of your choice.

Making a Will:

  • Puts you in control
  • Ensures you don’t leave your loved ones with additional financial and legal problems at a time that is already distressing
  • Is simple and inexpensive
A solicitor won’t pry into all your personal affairs. They will only need to know what your assets are relating to cash, savings, property, personal possessions etc. Then, of course, they will also need to know who will benefit from your Will and how YOU would like them to benefit.

Questions & Answers

Why do I need to make a Will? I want to leave everything to my spouse.

If you die without having made a Will, your estate is termed ‘in testate’. This means that legal processes must be carried out before the estate can be distributed. Legal costs are taken from the estate and the process is lengthy. This means that those who you wish to inherit your estate will receive less and have to wait longer for it.

Why should I bother to make a Will when I don’t have much money?

Many people underestimate the value of their property and possessions, many of which may have increased in value over time. Add up the value of your property, car, savings, insurance policies, pensions, etc and you may be surprised. Making a Will can ensure that your possessions go to the people you want to have them and that your exact wishes are carried out.

Can I get a form and just make a Will myself?

In theory yes, but in practice people often make mistakes, which could mean that your wishes aren’t carried out. Seeing a solicitor will ensure that your Will is legally accurate and that you wishes will be carried out precisely and quickly.

Who will look after my affairs after my death?

You can appoint your solicitor, a family member or friend who is willing to take responsibility.

How can I help people with Multiple Sclerosis?

By leaving a bequest to:

Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief Fund
Benmar House
Choppington Road
NE61 2HX
Registered charity no. 228634.

Ask your solicitor for advice, or contact us if you would like further information.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is for gifts of money by individuals who pay tax in the United Kindgom. Gift donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor.

MS Research and Relief Fund can take your donation (which is money you’ve already paid tax on) and reclaim basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on its ‘gross’ equivalent – the amount before basic rate tax was deducted. This is at no cost whatsoever to the donor.

Gift Aid allows charities to recoup 25 pence per pound donated from HMRC. This means that for every £1.00 you donate, MS Research and Relief Fund can receive a total donation of £1.25.

In order to qualify for Gift Aid on your donations, you must pay an amount in income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax the charity claims back.

If you want your donation to go further by signing up for Gift Aid, just complete the following form:

Gift Aid Declaration Form

Once completed, please return it to us at:

MS Research and Relief Fund
Benmar House
Choppington Road
NE61 2HX

Or email it to: info@ms-researchandrelief.org

Please note:
  • You can cancel this Declaration at any time by notifying us at Benmar House.
  • If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and/or capital gains equal to the tax that the charity reclaims, you can cancel your declaration.
  • If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.
  • Please notify the charity if you change your name or address.

Setting Up Your JustGiving Page

Setting Up on JustGiving

Setting up a JustGiving page is the easiest and quickest way to spread the word to people that you’re raising money.

Why fundraise on JustGiving?

  1. Friends can support you whenever and wherever, by donating securely on JustGiving or Facebook, and if you’re in the UK, by text message.
  2. Your fundraising story is unique. With photos, videos and text, you can tell it in your own way.
  3. What you’re doing is amazing. Whether it’s a triathlon or cake sale, the money you raise will make a difference.

Top tips

  1. Set a fundraising target – JustGiving pages with a fundraising target raise 46% more money.
  2. Add a photo – Whether it’s a picture of your smiling face or an image of you caked in mud while out training for an event, research shows that pages with a picture tend to raise 33% more.
  3. Ask friends to share your pages – friends who share your page are four more times likely to donate than those who don’t.
  4. Include offline donations – often people will choose to donate offline, via more traditional sponsorship forms. You can include these donations on your JustGiving page to show your true total!

The JustGiving fundraiser tool kit

Get your fundraiser tool kit – containing everything from downloadable posters and bunting to social media cover images and ‘how to’ guides:

Download Your Fundraiser Toolkit

Making use of social media

Social media is another way in which you can effectively promote your fundraising. Recent examples such as the ice bucket challenge, Stephen Sutton’s story and the grassroots #nomakeupselfie campaign powerfully demonstrated the potential to harness social networks to spread giving to a good cause.

Need help?

Fundraising on JustGiving is very easy to do once you get started and the Justgiving provides excellent support in helping you to maximise the opportunity and we’ve added some step-by-step instructions below to help you get your page off the ground. For more ideas or help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you’re thinking of fundraising for us, one of the best ways of doing so is via JustGiving.

We’ve added some step-by-step instructions to help get you on your way, if you need any more help, please contact us.

  1. Go to www.justgiving.com and click ‘Start Fundraising’
  2. You’ll be met with a screen offering you the options to start fundraising or crowdfunding. Select ‘Start Fundraising’ on the left to link your account straight to us
  3. You can either use your email address to make an account or, if you have a Facebook account, use that to log straight in with the details you used when you signed up for Facebook
  4. Enter your address either manually or by post code lookup and use the tick box to indicate whether you would like to receive marketing emails and letters from JustGiving
  5. Now to choose the cause you want to support. In the search bar below the title ‘Search for the cause you want to support’ type “MSRRF” and click the ‘Search’ button
  6. The following result will appear – “MS Research and Relief Fund (MSRRF)”. Click the blue ‘Select’ button next to this result
  7. Select the type of event you’re raising money for – either ‘Organised Event’, ‘Personal Occasion’, ‘In Memory’ or ‘Personal Challenge’. If you’re not competing in a set event, such as a half-marathon or tough-mudder etc., it’s probably best to select ‘Personal Challenge’
  8. If you select ‘Organised Event’ you can search for official events and the details will be automatically added. If not, enter the type of event you’re doing, details about it and the date it’s taking place
  9. Choose a web address for your page. This is the link that people will go to in order to donate money to your cause. JustGiving will generate one automatically for you to use but if you want to change it you can
  10. Answer the two yes/no questions to determine whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid. If people are purchasing something from you rather than donating or if any of your event costs are being paid by MSRRF then your donations are ineligible for Gift Aid. Please indicate this as it is really important to get this declaration correct
  11. Use the tick boxes to indicate whether you’d like to hear further information from us and from JustGiving and click ‘Create Your Page’
    1. That’s it! Now just share your link amongst your family and friends, as well as on social media, and prepare for your fundraising challenge.