Charity Manager’s UPDATE!

Coming out of COVID with Caution and Consideration

Be Cautious

Covid-19 rates are still very high, you are still required to wear a face covering when accessing MSRRF free services. Fitness and Therapy staff will continue to meet and greet you at your car to complete a very short health check questionnaire.

Be Considerate

If you feel ill, then you should stay away from others and remain at home as you should with any other illness.

Be Aware

As a consequence of the last 2 years many people are extremely anxious, please be conscious of other people’s situations and what they are comfortable with and adjust your behaviour.

Let’s take the next step together cautiously and considerately.

Government Covid-19 Guidelines are Changing!

MSRRF guidance for entering Benmar House to access our free exercise, sports and complementary therapies, will NOT be changing on 27th January 2022!

Lateral Flow Tests needed for appointments

MSRRF are now asking that everyone carries out a lateral flow test before attending for an appointment and we will ask to see the test result when you attend. Please bring the lateral flow device with you or a photograph of your result.

Tests need to be carried out on the day of your appointment and if you attend more than once per week, we will need to see a new test result for each appointment day.

We are sure you understand that MSRRF needs to do everything we can to ensure the safety of both our Service Users, therapy and gym staff and MSRRF staff, so we can continue to stay open and provide our valuable services. Information regarding obtaining lateral flow tests can be found here.


MS Research and Relief Fund will close to services on Friday 17th December 2021. We would like to thank everyone who has accessed our services over the past year for sticking with us and our new covid secure procedures, a huge shout out to our therapy and fitness staff who have provided hundreds of therapies and sports appointments during this difficult year. We will re-open on Tuesday 4th January and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year. All the best for the festive season and fingers crossed for a prosperous 2022!!!