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We are a national registered charity based at Benmar House, Morpeth in the North East of England.

We provide services across the North East, through which we provide complementary therapies, exercise classes, access to grants and information, all free of charge, on MS and related matters.

What We Do

Our team of highly trained staff provide free-of-charge exercise sessions and therapies to people with Multiple Sclerosis and their primary carer.

We have a wide range of services available, both at Benmar House - our main service centre in Morpeth - and at our Outreach provisions across the North East. Visit our Fitness and Therapies pages for more information.


We receive no statutory funding and are always grateful when people raise money to support the services we offer.

If you're interested in taking part in one of the events we organise, or in organising your own fundraising events or challenges, visit our fundraising page for more information on how you can help and how we can support you.


Welcome to MS Research and Relief Fund

MSRRF is a charity based in Morpeth, Northumberland which supports people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and their carers. This support comes in the form of Complementary Therapies and Exercise sessions to help ease the symptoms of MS and increase fitness and mobility.

It's not just in the North East that we support people affected by MS though - we offer grants for financial assistance throughout the United Kingdom, allowing us to support even more people.

To find out more about MSRRF, either click the links below to visit the pages of each service we offer or read on for an overview of what we do.


We offer a wide range of therapy and exercise sessions and classes that increase fitness and mobility and help to relieve the symptoms associated with MS.

At Benmar House, our main service centre in Morpeth, we offer these services six days a week. We also have sessions at our Outreach provisions across the North East, allowing even more people affected by MS to benefit from the services we provide.

Quick Links: Benmar House | Outreach


It's not just in the North East where people with MS benefit from the work that we do. We offer grants for aids and adaptions, equipment and respite care to people affected by MS throughout the United Kingdom. In recent years, we've accepted applications from Penzance to the Orkney Islands and hundreds of places in between.

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please visit our grants page and read the Application Guidelines and list of exclusions before downloading the grant application form.

Quick Links: Grants for Financial Assistance


We receive no statutory funding here at MSRRF so we're grateful for every penny that people raise for us. We're always looking for enthusiastic people to come and join in the fun, whether it's the Great North Run or our Bake a Difference cake and coffee mornings, there's something for everyone.

If you're interested in taking part in any of our events - or if you want to organise your own event to raise much needed funding for people with MS - just get in touch and we'll support you in any way we can.

Quick Links: Great North Run 2020 | Bake a Difference


We went Live on Facebook for the first time to give everyone a tour of our main facility, Benmar House.

The tour - led by Fundraising Manager Dan Nelson - takes a look at the facilities and services we offer at our primary centre, taking in the exercise suite and Vibrogym rooms, downstairs exercise studio, grants map, therapy rooms and the new upstairs gym studio.

You can view the tour here, featuring information from exercise instructor Leah Hall and therapist Amanda Logan.

Quick Links: Benmar House | Fitness | Therapies